Bandsaw Machine - Horizontal Metal Cutting Bandsaw Machine

Model : BMB Series
Bandsaw Machine – Horizontal Metal Cutting Bandsaw Machine

Horizontal Metal Cutting Bandsaw Machine

Bhavya Machine Tools supplies horizontal bandsaw machine. A tool is used to cut a variety of materials, specifically in irregular or curved shapes. We provide top quality, sturdy and compact bandsaw machine. Our tools ensure maximum safety and prevent accidents.

The key features include higher cutting speed and better accuracy in our bandsaw tool. These tools are highly suitable for cutting long bars into different shapes. They are engineered for smooth and vibration-free operations. Our economical and low noise equipments provide maximum output and minimum wastage. We offer numerous models of this instruments that match client requirements. Our equipments are widely used in automobile, electronic, electrical, wood working and many other industries.

We present top standard bandsaw equipment destined to provide excellent safety and accident proof features. Our bandsaws are fast in performance and can be applied for high speed machining requirements. As far as accuracy is concerned, we offer precise cutting options over different shapes and stays very effective to take up complicated machining options. We offer customized devices in accordance with the industrial preference and industries including automobile, electronic, electrical and wood working machines can find excellent usability with less wastage of materials.

This is considered prominent tool and considering the necessity we offer five different models. All these models differ in terms of sawing blade speed, blade sixe and light duty and heavy duty operation compatibility. Apart from the specifications, we choose higher grade tested materials for equipment construction which supports for excellent and long lasting performance. Our tool functionalty also favors for less maintenance and reliability of production performance. Our customized designing stay very supportive for engineering as well as heavy engineering industries.

BMB-1 :

This model works with 0.5,1440 H.P drive motor and 25, 30 and 35 meter blade speed per minute. The round and square measures about 175mm and 150x150 and blade size is 2540x20x0.9. The overall equipments weights approximately about 300kgs.


This model contains round and square measurement similar to that of BMB-1. It is equipped with 1, 1440 H.P drive motor and blade speed is 20, 35, 55 and 75 meter per minute. Blade size is 3000x27x0.9 and approximate weight of this equipment is 350kgs.

BMB-10HS :

This model comes with 250mm or round ground column and 200x200 of square column. It works with 1.5, 1440 H.P drive motor and it can create 20, 35. 55 and 75 meters of blade speed per minute. The blade size is 3860x27x0.9 which is slightly bigger than other two models and the overall equipment weighs about 750kgs. It is suitable for machining slightly moderate work materials.


It is designed with 300 of round shaped ground column and 250x250 mm of square column. It works with 2, 1000 H.P drive motor and the blade speed per minute is 20, 35,55 and 75 meters which is similar in four models. The blade size is 4100x21x0.9mm and the equipment weighs about 800kgs approximately.


It is equipped with 4420x34x1.1 mm of blade size and the blade speed is similar to that of models BMB-1HS, BMB-10HS and BMB-2HS. The round column is 350mm and the square column is 300x300 and this model is supposed to the biggest in size and working capacity while comparing with overall five models of bandsaws. It works with 2,1000 H.P drive motor. The overall equipment structure weighs about 900 kgs. Apart from that all models from Bhavya Machine Tools are provided with coolant pumps of 0.15, 440 H.P coolant pumps.

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