Hydraulic Press Brake Machine

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Hydraulic Press Brake Machine

Hydraulic Press Brake

Bhavya Machine Tools offers hydraulic press brake machine. It is mainly useful for bending metal sheets and plates. These tools are made using top grade materials.

We provide technically superior and perfectly engineered instruments. They consume less electricity and need minimum maintenance. These tools include features such as better precision, higher speed and least wear and tear. Our tough and long lasting hydraulic brake press are simple to operate and noise and vibration free. We supply many models of this, as per our client's requirements and widely used in several industries.

Bhavya Machine Tools is a popular machine manufacturer and supplier. We design variety of workshop machineries suitable for complete range of engineering, wood work and automobile engineering industries. We pick the competitive requirements of customers and consider the same to create tools with user friendly features. Press Brakes play a strong role in bending metal sheets. We supply that suits for cost effective, efficient and power saving machining operations. Our device is precise in bending operation, comparatively high speed than conventional press. All the tool ingredients are made of durable and rigid material that keeps up the equipment support for long term production.

These tools are applicable in majority for sheet bending and folding activities which is done with the additional die. Engineering industries which has special machining requirements on metal sheets can find reliable metal work with the help of this tool. In addition, the hydraulic principle supports for specialized sheet bending applications even when the production requirements remain continuous.

Our press tool is not just applicable for bending, apart from that it remains an accommodative machining tool for other machining activities including shearing, metal sheet cutting, angle cutting, etc.

Bhavya Machine Tools has 21 models with capacities can be determined based on the bending capacity and the corresponding Ram stroke. The bending capacity starts from 1.6X1500mm to 10X2500mm and 8X3000mm.

Model No-PBR215-This model is provided with work table length 1500mm and 150mm width. The bending capacity is 1.6MS X 1500UTS. Ram Stroke is 100. Model No-PBR 320 comes with 2000mm length table and 150 mm of table width and bending capacity is 2X2000mm.

Model No-PBR425 is designed with table length 2500mm and width 150mm. The bending capacity is 2X2500mm.

Model No PBR515 comes with 1500mm table length and 190mm table width. Its bending capacity is 4X1500mm.

Model No PBR 520 has the bending capacity 2.5X2500 mm and Model No PBR 625 bears the bending capacity of 3X2500 mm. Hydraulic Press Model no PBR 630 holds the bending capacity of about 2.5X3000mm. Model no PBR 825 bears the bending capacity of 4X2500mm.


One of the major advantages that the hydraulic press brake machine offers is that the machine supplies a huge pressure in every direction so that the quality of the final product is great. Another advantage of the hydraulic press brake, which is preferable by the industries is that the machine is adaptive and easy to operate. There are different roles like cutting, bending and spreading of the sheets which can be easily executed by the machine. Another benefit is, the machinery's design is with the simple structure the machine can bend and cut down a mass amount of materials/metals at a particular time.

Purpose of Using a Hydraulic Press Brake Machine

A hydraulic press brake machine can bend thicker materials and exhibit less deflection along the length of the bend and ensuring a consistent bend radius in thicker materials. This machinery is most flexible as it gives options when trying to give shape to a metal sheet and this is accomplished by bending materials at various angles to create different types of structures. The modern hydraulic press brake is made by manufacturers in a lighter model and simpler to install so that the manufacturing process gets simpler. With smart technology, hydraulic press brakes create better bends and hydraulic press brake machine manufacturers have introduced breakthrough innovations in the field of manufacturing.

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