Hydraulic Press Brake Machine

Model : PBR-215,..
  • The Stable robust welded steel frame made of ultrasonically tested IS 2062 plates as per guidelines of IMTMA Standards.
  • Fast approach & fast return speed to save cycle time, slow pressing speed for better stroke control & bending accuracy, ensures high productivity.
  • Compact Cylinders & low pressure system due to rear cylinders.
  • Better rigidity & load carrying capacity against fatigue failure.
  • Positive synchronisation of cylinders with welded torque tube.
  • Moving work station with ON/OFF Controls, Emergency push button & selector for Manual, Semi-Auto & Automatic mode for easy operation & Safety.
  • Better Safety for operator & machine.
  • Low power consumption.
  • NC upgradation available.
  • Low Noise & Smooth Operation give higher efficiency of operator.
  • Two Axis NC Controller from Asia Automation Pune.
  • Bend angle & depth mode selection thru screen
  • 128 x 16 bend program memory.
  • 32 Punch & Die data memory.
  • Manual auto & program mode selection through screen.
  • Alaram, fault & Status pages make easy trouble shooting.
  • Password protected screen menus to safeguard program access
  • Stroke control and stroke counter on screen.

Optional Cyb touch 6 - touch screen two axis controller from cybelec - Switzerland

Highly precise 5 micron Press brake scale for Y-Axis Positioning.

High speed back gauge with AC Servo Drive, Ball Screw, LM Guides & Timer belt.

Optional hardened & grounded multi-v die & punch with quick release Clamps.

Standard Accessories – Hydraulic

  • Main Drive Motor.
  • Electrical control panel with selection of
  • ‘AUTO’, ‘INCH’ & ‘SINGLE CYCLE AUTO’ mode operations.
  • Movable work station with pair of foot switch.
  • Pair of lifting links.
  • Pair of sheet support.
  • Fine stroke adjustment rod with limit switch.
  • Manual back gauge with micro setting.
  • One suitable five way die & Punch of EN-9**. (unhardened and ungrounded)
  • Centralized lubrication system with flow control valves for adequate lubrication.
  • Ram tilting arrangement on selected models.

Standard Accessories – NC Control

  • Main Drive Motor.
  • Selection of ‘AUTO’ & ‘MANUAL’ mode through screen.
  • Two axis dedicated controller with LCD monochrome screen & numeric keypad.
  • 128 jobs X 16 bends program memory.
  • Movable work station with pair of foot switch.
  • AC Servo motor with resolver for back gauge drive.
  • Hardened & Grounded Ball screw.
  • Linear motion bearing on guide rods.
  • Highly precise glass tube optical linear scale for accurate Y-axis position.
  • Pair of lifting links.
  • Pair of sheet support.
  • One suitable five way die & Punch of EN-9** (unhardened and ungrounded).
  • Centralized lubrication system with flow control valves for adequate lubrication.
  • Ram tilting arrangement on selected models.

Optional Accessories

(Hy. Shearing machine without NC)

  • AC servo drives for R-axis & Z-axis control of back gauging.
  • Anti deflection unit (Manual / Motorized / Automatic)
  • Sliding sheet support with Swing away stoppers.
  • Hardened tools & special tools.**
  • Hydraulic tool clamping.
  • Photo electric fingers safety guard.
  • Higher throat depth.
  • Automatic lubrication system.
  • Fast cycling models for high productivity.
  • First fill of hydraulic oil.
Bending CapacityTable
Return Speed
 in MTin mmin mmin mmin mmin mmin mmin mmin mm HP(LxWxH)
PBR 2152015001.6×15002×1250125105010025010035-9-3531700x1050x1900
PBR 3203020002×20003×1250125155010025020030-7-4032200x1150x1900
PBR 4204020002.5×20003×1500180155010025020040-6-4552200x1150x1800
PBR 4254025002×25003×1500180205010025020040-6-4552700x1150x1900
PBR 4304030001.6×30003×1500180255010025020040-6-4553200x150x2000
PBR 5155015004×15005×1250180105010025020035-6-4051700x1150x1900
PBR 5205020003×20004×1500180155010025020035-6-4052200x1150x1900
PBR 5255025002.5×25003×2000180205010025020035-6-4052700x1150x1900
PBR 5305030002×30002.5×2500180255010025020035-6-4053200x1150x2000
PBR 5405040001.6×40002×3000180310010025020035-6-4054200x1250x2300
PBR 6256525003×25004×2000180205015033020035-5-4052700x1200x2000
PBR 6306530002.5×30003×2500180255015033020035-5-4053200x1200x2000
PBR 6406540002×40002.5×3000180310015033020035-5-4054200x1250x2400
PBR 8208020005×20006×1500180510015033020040-6-457.52200x1550x2100
PBR 8258025004×25005×2000180205015033020040-6-457.52700x1550x2300
PBR 8308030003×30004×2500180255015033020040-6-457.53250x1550x2300
PBR 8408040002.5×40003×3000180310015033020040-6-457.54250x1650x2500
PBR 8508050002×50002.5×4000180410015033020040-6-457.55300x1650x2700
PBR 8608060001.6×60002×5000180510015033020040-6-457.56300x1750x2800
PBR 102510025005×25006×2000180205015033020043-6-48102700x1550x2300
PBR 103010030004×30005×2500180255015033020043-6-48103250x1550x2300
PBR 104010040003×40004×3000180310015033020043-6-48104250x1650x2500
PBR 105010050002.5×50003×4000180410015033020043-6-48105300x1700x2800
PBR 106010060002×60002.5×5000180510015033020043-6-48106300x1750x2900
PBR 122512525006×25008×2000230205015035030040-6-50152750x1650x2700
PBR 123012530005×30006×2500230255015035030040-6-50153250x1650x2500
PBR 124012540004×35005×3000230310015035030040-6-50154250x1650x2600
PBR 125012550003×50004×4000230410015035030040-6-50155300x1750x2900
PBR 126012560002.5×60003×5000230510015035030040-6-50156300x1800x3000
PBR 162516025008×250010×2000230205015035030035-6-45152750x1800x2500
PBR 163016030006×30008×2500230255015035030035-6-45153250x1800x2600
PBR 164016040005×40006×3000230310015035030035-6-45154300x1800x2700
PBR 165016050004×50005×4000230410015035030035-6-45155300x1850x3000
PBR 166016060003×60004×5000230510015035030035-6-45156300x1900x3200
PBR 2025200250010×250012×2000230205020040030035-6-48202850x1900x2600
PBR 204020040006×40008×3000230310020040030035-6-48204350x2050x2800
PBR 205020050005×50006×4000230410020040030035-6-48205350x2100x3100
PBR 206020060004×60005×5000230510020040030035-6-48206350x2200x3500
PBR 2530250300010×300012×2500300255020040030030-5-40203350x2100x2800
PBR 254025040008×400010×3000300310020040030030-5-40204350x2000x2900
PBR 3030300300012×300015×2500300255020040030030-5-40253350x2150x2900
PBR 3040300400010×350012×3000300310020040030030-5-40254350x2150x2900
PBR 305030050007×50009×4000300410020040030030-5-40255350x2200x3400
PBR 306030060006×60007×5000300510020040030030-5-40256350x2300x3800
PBR 4030400300016×300020×2500300255025050035025-5-30303350x2200x3000
PBR 4040400400012×400016×3000300310025050035025-5-30304350x2200x3000
PBR 406040060008×600010×5000300510025050035025-5-30306350x2350x4000
PBR 5030500300020×300025×2500300255025050035025-5-30403350x2200x3200
PBR 5040500400015×400020×3000300310025050035025-5-30404500x2200x3300
PBR 5050500500014×500015×4000300410025050035025-5-30405350x2400x3900
PBR 5060500600011×600014×5000300510025050035025-5-30406350x2500x4250
PBR 6030600300025×300030×2500300255025050035025-5-30503350x2200x3300
PBR 6040600400018×400025×3000300310025050035025-5-30504500x2200x3500
PBR 6050600500015×500018×4000300410025050035025-5-30505350x2300x3700
PBR 6060600600012×600015×5000300510025050035025-5-30506350x2600x4350

Hydraulic Press Brake

Bhavya Machine Tools offers hydraulic press brake. It is mainly useful for bending metal sheets and plates. These tools are made using top grade materials.

We provide technically superior and perfectly engineered instruments. They consume less electricity and need minimum maintenance. These tools include features such as better precision, higher speed and least wear and tear. Our tough and long lasting hydraulic brake press are simple to operate and noise and vibration free. We supply many models of this, as per our client's requirements and widely used in several industries.

Bhavya Machine Tools is a popular machine manufacturer and supplier. We design variety of workshop machineries suitable for complete range of engineering, wood work and automobile engineering industries. We pick the competitive requirements of customers and consider the same to create tools with user friendly features. Press Brakes play a strong role in bending metal sheets. We supply that suits for cost effective, efficient and power saving machining operations. Our device is precise in bending operation, comparatively high speed than conventional press. All the tool ingredients are made of durable and rigid material that keeps up the equipment support for long term production.

These tools are applicable in majority for sheet bending and folding activities which is done with the additional die. Engineering industries which has special machining requirements on metal sheets can find reliable metal work with the help of this tool. In addition, the hydraulic principle supports for specialized sheet bending applications even when the production requirements remain continuous.

Our press tool is not just applicable for bending, apart from that it remains an accommodative machining tool for other machining activities including shearing, metal sheet cutting, angle cutting, etc.

Bhavya Machine Tools has 21 models with capacities can be determined based on the bending capacity and the corresponding Ram stroke. The bending capacity starts from 1.6X1500mm to 10X2500mm and 8X3000mm.

Model No-PBR215-This model is provided with work table length 1500mm and 150mm width. The bending capacity is 1.6MS X 1500UTS. Ram Stroke is 100. Model No-PBR 320 comes with 2000mm length table and 150 mm of table width and bending capacity is 2X2000mm.

Model No-PBR425 is designed with table length 2500mm and width 150mm. The bending capacity is 2X2500mm.

Model No PBR515 comes with 1500mm table length and 190mm table width. Its bending capacity is 4X1500mm.

Model No PBR 520 has the bending capacity 2.5X2500 mm and Model No PBR 625 bears the bending capacity of 3X2500 mm. Hydraulic Press Model no PBR 630 holds the bending capacity of about 2.5X3000mm. Model no PBR 825 bears the bending capacity of 4X2500mm.