Hydraulic Shearing Machine

Bhavya Machine Tools supplies hydraulic shearing machine. They are extensively used for cutting large sheets, bars and plates of metallic and non-metallic materials into various shapes. Our instruments are manufactured for smooth and precise cutting. We offer compact, safe and durable tools. The chief features include better stability, low noise and higher output.These instruments match high quality control norms. Our tools are made to reduce material wastage. They are built for vibration-free functioning. We provide many models with diverse specifications. Shearing machines are used in automobile, printing, food processing, engineering, electronic, plastic, wood working, electrical, construction and numerous other industrial segments.

  • Guillotine Type Hydraulically Variable rake angle design.
  • Better Cutting accuracy in thin sheets at lower rake angle with twist free cuts.
  • The stable robust ultrasonically tester IS 2062 grade welded structure.
  • Rigid box Type structure with inclined member for Ram & Table.
  • Less power consumption.
  • Hydraulic & Electrical Safety interlocks for overloading.
  • Better Safety for operator and machine.
  • Fast Production on smaller jobs.
  • NC up-gradation available.
  • Low noise & smooth operation gives higher efficiency of Operator.
  • Higher cutting capacity at higher rake angle
  • 7" Touch Screen Shear controller from Cybelec / Delem
  • AC Servo drive from Schneider / Panasonic for back guage movement.
  • High-Speed back guage assembly with ball screw & Timer Belt.
  • Repeated position accuracy in 0.1mm.
  • User friendly colour LCD screen for easy programming.
  • Multiple back-guage position with stroke counting on screen.
  • Automatic Rake angle adjustment on screen.

Cyb Touch 6 - Cybelec

DAC-310 - Delem

Back Gauge Assembly with AC Servo Drive, Ball Screw & Times Belt.

Standard Accessories – Hydraulic

  • Main Drive Motor.
  • Electric Control Panel.
  • Operational Consol.
  • Rake angle selection through selector switch
  • Lever operated Blade clearance with calibration.
  • Fine stroke adjustment rod with limit switch
  • Front sheet support.
  • Squaring arm with steel rule.
  • Hardened Transfer bars mounted on table
  • Hold down cylinders.
  • Cutting area illuminated for clear view of blades.
  • Four edge HCHCr Blade suitable to MS & SS.
  • Manual Back Gauge.

Standard Accessories – NC Control

  • HMI with 2 Line 16 character LCD monochrome screen & numeric keypad
  • Main Drive Motor.
  • Electric Control Panel.
  • Hardened Ground Ball screw & Linear motion bearings.
  • Two-speed AC motor for back gauge drive.
  • Rake angle selection through selector switch.
  • Lever operated Blade clearance with calibration.
  • Stroke adjustment through screen.
  • Front sheet support.
  • Squaring arm with steel rule.
  • Hardened Transfer bars mounted on table.
  • Hold down cylinders.
  • Cutting area illuminated for clear view of blades.
  • Four edge HCHCr Blade suitable to MS 8> SS.

Optional Accessories

(Hy. Shearing machine without NC)

  1. Motorized back gauge with DRO.
  2. Second squaring arm on other side.
  3. Front support with roller according to required length.
  4. Rear Sheet support.
  5. Timer belt drive for back gauge.
  6. Ball Transfer Table.
  7. Degree protector for angular cutting.
  8. Stroke counter.
  9. Design with throat depth.
  10. First fill of Hydraulic oil.
Length CuttingShearing Capacity Nominal Rake AngleNominal Rake AngleRake Angle rangeRake Angle Stroke per minNo. of Hold downsHolding ForcePowerPacking Dimension (LXWxH) in mm
Modelin mmThickness in mmin degreein degreeMin.Max.in Kg.in HP
HFR2151500220.60.63030_ 32000x1000x1250
HFR 2202000220.60.6r2525__32500x1250x1500
HFR 2252500220.60.6r2020  33000x1250x1850
HFR 31515003.15423.151°15′0.5-2°25159150032200x1250x1950
HVR 32020003.15423.15ri50.5-3°201111200032700x1250x1950
HVR 32525003.15423.151°15′0.5-3°251313230053200x1250x2000
HVR 33030003.15423.151°15′0.5-3°21916260053700x1400x2100
HVR 34040003.15423.151°15′0.5-3°1262032007.54700x1500x2250
HVR 415150046341°37′0.5-3°2513845007.52250x1250x2050
HVR 420200046341°37′0.5-3°23111162007.52750x1250x2100
HVR 425250046341°37′0.5-3°2181380007.53300x1400x2250
HVR 430300046341°37′0.5-3°21101610000103700x1500x2400
HVR 440400046341°37′0.5-3°1562012000104700x1650x2600
HVR 450500046341°37′0.5-3°1032415000105700x1700x2750
HVR 460600046341°37′0.5-3°1032815000106700x1800x2850
HVR 615150068461°45′0.5-3°22886500102250x1300x2100
HVR 620200068461°45′0.5-3°207116500102750x1350x2150
HVR 625250068461°45′0.5-3°248138500153300x1500x2300
HVR 630300068461°45′0.5-3°2261610800153800x1650x2500
HVR 640400068461°45′0.5-3°2262013600204800x1700x2750
HVR 650500068461°45′0.5-3°1842416500205700x1800x2850
HVR 660600068461°45′0.5-3°1432819500206700x1900x2950
HVR 8151500810680.5-3°158810500102250x1350x2100
HVR 8202000810680.5-3°1881112000152750x1450x2250
HVR 8252500810680.5-3°2081316500203300x1650x2450
HVR 8303000810680.5-3°1861618500203800x1800x2600
HVR 8404000810680.5-3°1642023000204800x1850x2800
HVR 8505000810680.5-3°1232427000255750x1950x2900
HVR 8606000810680.5-3°822831000256750x2100x3100
HVR 1015150010138100.5-3°146810500102250x1350x2200
HVR 1020200010138100.5-3°1881113000152750x1500x2300
HVR 1025250010138100.5-3°1581317500203300x1650x2500
HVR 1030300010138100.5-3°1261620000203800x1850x2750
HVR 1040400010138100.5-3°1362025000254800x1950x2850
HVR 105050001013 100.5-3°1052430000305750x2050x3000
HVR 1060600010138100.5-3°832835000306750x2200x3300
HVR 13202000131610131-3°1581116000252850x1800x2600
HVR 13252500131610131-3°1361320000253350x1900x2750
HVR 13303000131610131-3°1161625000253800x1950x2850
HVR 13404000131610131-3°942030000304800x2000x2950
HVR 13505000131610131-3°942435000405750x2150x3150
HVR 13606000131610131-3°732840000406750x2300x3500
HVR 16202000162013161-3°1861120000303000x1900x2800
HVR 16252500162013161-3°1551325000303500x2000x2900
HVR 16303000162013161-3°1251628000304000x2000x3000
HVR 16404000162013161-3°732033000304800x2050x3100
HVR 16505000162013161-3°732438000405750x2250x3300
HVR 16606000162013161-3°522843000406750x2350x3700
HVR 20252500202516201-3°1251328000403500x2000x3000
HVR 20303000202516201-3°1151635000404000x2100x3200
HVR 20404000202516201-3°942040000504800x2200x3300
HVR 20505000202516201-3°832445000605800x2350x3500
HVR 20606000202516201-3°522850000606800x2450x4100
HVR 25252500253020241-3°1041336000603400x2250x3300
HVR 25303000253020241-3°841645000604000x2300x3300
HVR 25404000253020241-3°742050000755000x2300x3500
HVR 25505000253020241-3°522455000756000x2450x3700
HVR 25606000253020241-3°312860000757000x2600x4300