Hydraulic Surface Grinder (BH-1230,…)

Model : BH-1230,...
  • A hydraulic overhead dresser is employed for column-traveling models, and is mounted on the spindle head to allow the wheel to be dressed independent of the grinding height or column position. The dresser device provides a minimum 0,01mm graduation for productivity and ease of operation.
  • The automatic lubrication system supplies lubricant to all of the guide ways and lead screws as the tool operates. This system ensures all the critical components are lubricated with the right amount of oil at all times
  • The external independent hydraulic tank is located outside the tool to be easily accessible for maintenance. A specially-designed valve and proximity switches enable smooth table reversing, This is also to prevent heat and vibrations from being tranSferred to the instrument base.
  • Electric components and functional modules are well arranged and packed in a separate electric cabinet to be easily accessible for maintenance. An independent control box with an ergonomically designed panel offers a comfortable and convenient operation environment.
Max. Table Size300 x 750300 x 1000400 x 800400 x 1000
Max. Longitudinal Travel82510758751075
Max. Cross Traver350350450450
Max. Spindle Center Height above Table750750750750
Max. Table Speed18181.5 to 181.5 to 18
Power Cross Traverse1000100010001000
Auto Cross Feed at each Table reversal (infinitely variable) (mm)0.5 to 100.5 to 100.5 to 100.5 to 10
Least Count of vertical feed head wheel0.0020.0020.0020.002
Size of Grinding wheel250 x 25 x 76.2250 x 25 x 76.2300 x 50 x 76.2300 x 50 x 76.2
Power of spindle motor3355
Speed of grinding spindle2800280014001400
Working Pressure Kg/Cm220202020
Tank Capacity75757575