Imported Hydraulic Surface Grinder (M Series)

Model : M Series

Imported Surface Grinding Machine M Series

Bhavya Machine Tools presents M series imported surface grinding machine, a versatile equipment that is preferred for face grinding requirement on work materials. It can be applied for both conventional range of machining as well as profile type metal work. It has been designed with excellent technical features that make it provide drudging operation with reduced negative result and getting overheated during times of continuous production. As far as surface finish is concerned, this device can provide highest material removal rate on different ranges of work materials. In addition to the technical features, it is cost effective when compared to traditional range of equipments.

Our imported surface grinding machine M series is well known for their smooth finish, longer performance, durability, precision and quality. It can be applied for obtaining excellent finish over worm piece which have a flat surface. The abrasive wheel equipped with this equipment is a compatible feature for pulverizing over both metallic as well non-metallic and the wheel and spindle head are adjustable over height. In addition, this apparatus is also known for corrosion resistance capacity, uninterrupted performance, precise surfacing and durability. Pricing is one more reason of attraction as Bhavya Machine Tools offers this apparatus at industries most competitive range of price.

Imported Surface Grinding Machine M Series Features

  • It is featured with excellent safety aspects for convenient surfacing.
  • Provided with automatic adjustment of grinding tools.
  • Suitable for grinding sideways of the work material.
  • No compromise made in precision or accuracy.
  • Flawless mechanism and easy maintenance.
  • Comparatively compact and space saving.
  • Provided with 100kg of safety load of bench.
  • These are made from high grade raw materials which are also tested for quality and consistency.
  • Our imported surface grinding machine M series is suitable for variety of industrial applications.
  • Above all we provide excellent choice of standard accessories which enhance the machining process and supports for prolonged productivity.

Note : As Improvements are made time to time the specifications are subject to change without notice and are not binding on us. Pictures shown with optional accessories.

ModelM7125 A+M3060A +M7140A-1
Grinding Capacity: LXWXH500 x 250 x 330mm600 x 300 x 300mm800 x 400 x 405mm
Longitudinal table travel520mm620mm820mm
Cross table travel275mm325mm440mm
Max. Distance from the spindle centre to the worktable surface410mm400mm580mm
Safety load of bench (in max)100 Kg150 Kg400 Kg
Table size500 x 250mm600 x 300mm800 x 400mm
T-slot12 X 1 mm x no.14 X 1mm x no.18 x 3 mm x no.
Bench speed3-23 m/min3-23 m/min0-26 m/min
Cross auto feed0.02mm / div0.02mm /div0.5-20mm / div
Cross rapid feed-0.6-10mm-
Cross handwheel--0.02mm/div
Grinding Wheel size( DXWXd)200 x 16 x 32mm200 x 16 x 32mm350 x 32 x 127mm
Spindle Speed2850 r/min2850 r/min1450 r/min
Max. Movement of Vertical mechanism410mm400mm-
Vertical fine adjustment revolution0.15mm0.15mm0.04mm
Vertical per fine adjustment graduation0.002mm0.002mm0.001mm
Spindle motor1.1 Kw1.5 Kw5.5
Overall dimensions: (LXWXH)1550 x 1180 x 1840 mm1870 x 1200 x 1840 mm2260 x 1790 x 1917 mm