MIG/MAG/ CO2 Welding Machine

Model : MAG 250,WF 250,TBI 250..


It is universally known as Metal Inner Gas (MIG) / Metal Active Gas (MAG), Welding Process using Argon Gas or Co2 Gas for shielding the weld pool to avoid oxide formation during welding. In this Wires of 0. 8, 1.2 or 1.6 mm is continuously/ intermittently fed through wire feeder Mechanism Torch to weld different types of jobs with the help of D. C. Power source. It is a sort of Semi-Automatic Welding Process.

  • Constant Potential Power Source.
  • Wire Feeder.
  • Pressure Regulator with Flow Meter and Guage.
  • Perfect workshop tool for engineering industry.
  • Gas Cooled Torch.
  • Gas Preheater.
  • Gas Hose with Connectors.
  • Welding Cable.
  • Contol Plug.

Having Latest Technology Circuit Modular Compact, suitable for Critical Welding Applications, Sturdy Construction for any type of Job using Copper coated wire for smooth and Spatter Free Welding Continuously/intermittently.

MIG / MAG / C02 Welding Machines are widely used in small as well as large Industries doing Fabrication Work, right from General Repair Work. Small fabrication to Heavy Machine Building, Body Building, Vessel Building and Heavy Structural Work, using Copper Coated Wires.

WELDING CURRENT250 Amp*.400 Amps.
@ 60% Duty cycle (Amps.)250400
@ 100% Duty cycle (Amps.)190320
@ 60% Duty cycle -(KVA)10.522.5
@ 100% Duty cycle (KVA)7.518.5
Open circuit voltage range (V-Dc)18-4020-56
Voltage (Volts)415V+-W415V+/-10%
Phase (Nos.)33
Frequency (Hz)5050
Recommended switch fuse rating (Type/Amps.)TP/25 Amps.TP/35 Amps.
Static Characteristics TypeConstant PotentialConstant Potential
Transformer Coils WindingCopperCopper
Insulation ClassFF
Cooling AirForced AirForced Air


Speed ControlThyristorisedThyristorised
Wire Diameter  
Mild Steel0.8-1.2ZO.8-1.2-1.6
Stainless Steel0.81.2-1.6
Aluminium mm0.81.2-1.6
Wire Drive Motor TypePMDC 36V/80 WattPMDC 36V/80 Watt
Drive System Type2 Roll quick release2 Roll quick release
Wire Feed Speed Mtr./min1.5 to 201.5 to 20


Maximum Current Capacity @ 60% Duty Cycle  
For Co2 Amps.250400
For MIG Amps.200320
Cable Length Mtrs.3m3m
Suitable for wire size  
Hard Wires (Steel) mm0.8-1.20.8-1.2-1.6
Soft Wires (Aluminium) mm1.21.6
Cooling TypeGasGas