Saw Blade Sharpener (Q6)

Model : Q6
Saw Blade Sharpener (MR-Q6)

Saw Blade Sharpener (MR-Q6)


A saw blade sharpener is used to whet the blades that become blunt or dull after a given number of operations. These dull saw blades have the tendency to generate rougher surfaces. Sharpening of blades helps in saving large amount of money as it can be re-used time and again. It also ensures achieving a better cut. Bhavya Machine Tools provides saw blade sharpener of the highest quality. These equipments have a long life and carry out their job quite efficiently. The sharpeners are very ease to use and also ensures safety to the operator. Also, the maintenance of the blade sharpeners are easy.

  • It can sharpen carbide and high speed steel saw blade. With accurate setting and high speed, can grind the teeth automatically. Adjustable speed, it is fast and accurate.
  • Q6 get our China national patent, the motor can rotate up and down which can sharpen gear front and back angles (or chamfer).
  • QT's motor can be turned parallelly, which can grind the skewed tooth of saw blade.
  • Qll has the function of Q6-. Q7 , can grind the saw blades of Φ60 to Φ280

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