Wire Nail Making Machine Ei-n3

Wire Nail Making Machine Ei-n3

Wire Nail Making Machine Ei-n3

Polishing Barrel Drum

Wire Nails are produced by wire Nail Making Machines. The Nails are to be polished as well finished products.

The quality of the Nails produced depends upon the wire used on the Machine. Generally, the wire received from

the supplier is found dull due to Wire Drawing process and also sometimes gets rested due to weather effects.

The wire for process of cutting Nails is not so bright as a result, the Nails produced do not have brightness and shining. Such finishes are never acceptable to the buyers. Thus, the Nails do require polishing which results in an attractive finished products.


If the mirror finish is required on the Nails, it is advisable to use SOFT LEATHER PIECES in second sequence of polishing instead of Saw Dust, 15 to 20 kgs. of such LEATHER PIECES are required for out 250 kgs. Capacity Polishing Barrel. These LEATHER PIECES can be applied again and again for about 15 to 20 cycles till they become very oily.

Cutter Grinder Machine

The Cutter tools of the Nail Making Machine become blunt and they require re-grinding. We have developed a special Cutter Grinder for grinding all the profiles of cutters. These machines are provided with special type jigs fixtures and even semi-skilled worker can grind (re-sharpen) the cutting tools easily after brief training. It takes only few minutes to grind the cutting edges of the cutting tools.

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