Wood Working Machine (Thickness Planers J-601, J-502)

Model : J-601, J-502

Heavy Duty

Model noJ-601J-603
Max. Planing width455/18"610/24"
Thicknessing capacity200/8"200/8"
Length of thickness table760/30"915/36"
Min. Length of workpiece for thicknessing254/10"254/10"
Feeding speed (feet per minute)2424
Cutter block diameter95/3.75"95/3.75"
Cutter block speed (rpm)40004000
Standard cutter block-code no3B-W/2B3B-W/2B
Power required hp/rpm5/14405/1440
Auto Mouldmm/inch
moulding table size455*150/18"*6"
up/down movement of table60/2 1/2"
cross movement of table25/1"
max. moulding block width75/3"

Standard Accessories :

  • Moulding block- 3" length and v-block