Welding Machine

Welding Machine

This welding equipment is versatile with advanced control system and achieves efficient welding over a long period of time. The models available include the MIG and the MAG welders. The equipment comes with the wire feeder and pressure regulator devices including the flow meter and measuring gauge. The Arc welding machine models are very affordable and require less maintenance. They can offer power saving of between 30 – 60% and offer very good arc formation as well as a power factor of up to 0.9. The equipment is suitable for all kinds of electrodes and light in weight for easy movement. The welding machines have also been fitted with protection against under voltage, over voltage and surges in power levels.

Benefits of Different Types of Welding Machines

Welding is a fabrication process where two parts get fused by the use of heat or pressure. The use of a welding machine produces fewer distortions with high speed and presents a neat appearance. There are different types of welding machines in which arc welding is the most commonly used technique with a high welding speed with less smoke or sparks involved. The MIG welding machine is another versatile type of welder which scores on speed. It offers a great depth of the weld on different metals with varying thicknesses. Similarly, the MAG (Metal active gas) welder uses active gases as a shield for welding and the difference between an MIG and MAG welder is that MIG uses inactive gases while MAG uses mixed gas which activates certain conditions in the weld pool. The MAG welder is also popularly called the CO2 welder which offers high density and deep penetration.

The rectifier welding machine works on an AC power source and is ideal for joining thinner metals and excellent for overhead and vertical applications. The machine named Bandsaw butt welding machine provides a faster and simpler operation to weld joints without any misalignment. This tool is used in many applications to provide consistency and reliability. The wire butt welding machine is a similar version suitable for wire joining and offers precise and draw-resistant welds. The easiest one is a spot welder machine that is quick and easy and requires no flux or filler material and is performed with no special skill sets. The different types of welding machines provide a smooth and efficient process and can be carried out in any atmosphere which makes it the most functional tool in any industry.

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