Bus Bar Bending Machines

Copper Busbar Bending Machine - Processes Simplified

Bhavya Machine Tools is a renowned name for offering the most modern and highly productive bending solutions that can sustain high loads. The Copper Busbar bending machine provides versatility to all the bending operations operators who can set the thickness along with the bend angle and the machinery automatically bends it to the required angle. The advantage this machine provides is that it provides a precise and high precision bending with spring back tolerance. Besides, it lends a mark-free bending which increases its quality level. The robust machinery is an excellent choice and a high technology angle measurement system which is a custom solution for many industries big or small.

Copper Busbar Punching Machine -Engineering at its Best

The Copper Busbar Punching Machine, flexible by nature can perform all the inherent punching operations required by production units. This Copper Busbar punching machine is an elegant example of engineering and uses tools to create the punching process. The applied force punches and creates holes in the material to shear out the unwanted material. The punching process optimizes material and is known for speed, versatility, and accuracy. In the punching process, different geometries need to be used to create holes, and owing to the advanced technology the Copper busbar punching machines are extremely precise and efficient. We design and deliver high-performing machinery that checks all the boxes for providing high-quality fabrication of copper busbars.

Copper Busbar Cutting Machine - Finesse in Every Angle

The Copper Busbar Cutting machine is a high-quality tool that complements the bending and punching machine well. It includes a hold-down device and guides the fixture to aid in precise cutting. This equipment is ideal for plant requirements as well as field service work.The machine is designed for a convenient operation, ergonomics, durability, and long life. Since the cutting machine is made out of copper, it is resistant to all kinds of wear and pressure which makes it sturdy and strong. It is not easy to be deformed and has a high cutting speed.

Aluminium Busbar Bending Machine - Bend with Perfection

With a wide range of machinery and years of expertise, Bhavya Machine tools offer Aluminium Busbars that are beyond the dimensions of normal busbars. It is easy to adjust this machine to bend aluminum busbars and shorten the processing time. The production efficiency is greatly improved and it caters to aluminum busbars of various specifications. This bending machine finds its applications in various electrical cabinets, high voltage gears, ship manufacturing, electric elevators, power distribution systems, and much more. It has an adjustable working stroke and the cut surface is obtained smooth with no droops and waste with the help of the aluminium busbar bending machine.

Aluminium Busbar Cutting Machine - Trending Production Tools

Aluminum Busbar cutting machine is much in vogue and offers a lot of utility for massive production. Aluminium Busbars are light in weight and offer more surface area than copper due to their low conductivity. The aluminium busbar cutting machine is a custom-cutting solution with low operational costs. The cutting is done in a super-efficient manner and is easy to be transported owing to the light weight of the Aluminium Busbar Cutting Machine. Another advantage is that when this machinery is used for high-volume production, they generate high precision and efficiency.It is made of high-quality components which makes it stand out amongst its competitors.

Aluminium Busbar Punching Machine - Ease in Use and Best in Functionality

This piece of equipment is utilized in industries of various types proficiently and is of simple construction and involves minimal maintenance. The aluminium busbar punching machines can achieve geometrically precise designs with ease and punching is done in a streamlined manner.We come out with flawless and reliable products that are highly corrosion-resistant and durable. The outstanding efficiency and unsurpassed production speed are increased and it punches flat and clean hold edges. The Busbar punching machine is most suitable for most of the width of aluminium tubes and pipes and other aluminium alloy tubes. The aluminium busbar punching machine has a balanced force, constant shape, and strong rigidity. Our professional design team guarantees total quality and efficacy.

We take pleasure in having the technological know-how to offer specialised and dependable products. We have collaborated with several clientele in a variety of sectors.

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