DL Series Slant Bed Turning Centre

Model : DL-20M,...
DL Series Slant Bed Turning Centre
Models DL20M DL25M DL30M DL32M DL40M
Swing Over Bed 440mm 520mm 625mm 680mm 800mm
Max. Turning Length 600/1000mm 1000/1500mm 1000mm 1000/2000mm 2000/2500/3000mm
Max. Turning Diameter (Shafts) 260mm 310mm 310mm 400mm 550mm
Max. Turning Diameter (Discs) 400mm 500mm 600mm 630mm 750mm
Guideway Type Linear Linear/Box Way Linear Box Way Box Way
Cross Travel X - Axis 265mm 260mm 325mm 375mm 375mm
Longitudinal Travel Z - Axis 700/1040mm 1100/1600mm 1110mm 1030/2030mm 2160/ 2660 /3160mm
Rapid Traverse X - Axis 24m/min. 12m/min. 24m/min. 13m/min. 12m/min.
Rapid Traverse Z - Axis 24m/min. 12m/min. 24m/min. 13m/min. 16m/min.
Spindle Motor Power 11/15kw 18.5/22kw 18.5/22kw 22/30kw 22/30kw
Spindle Nose A2?6 A2?8 A2?8 A2?ll A2?ll
Spindle Bore 76mm 87mm 88mm 100mm 100mm
Bar Capacity 65mm 74mm 74mm 84mm 84mm
Spindle Speed Range 45-4500rpm 35-3500rpm 30-3000rpm 20-2000rpm 20-2000rpm
Chuck Size 8" 10" 12" 15" 15"
Number of Station 12 12 12 12 12
Tool Shank 25x25mm 25x25mm 25x25mm 32x25mm 32x25mm
Tail Stock
Quill Diameter 85mm 100mm 140mm 160mm 160mm
Quil Travel 139mm 150mm 150mm 180mm 180mm
Quill Taper MT-5 MT-5 MT-5 MT-5 MT-5
CNC System
Dimensions & Weight
Dimensions (LxWxH) 4140x1794x1795mm 4834x1830x1977mm 5084x2082x2050mm 5740x2040x2240mm 5950x2358x2600mm
4840x1794x1795mm 5334x1830x1977 mm   6740x2040x2240mm 6450x2358x2600mm
Net weight 5500kg./6500kg. 7800kg./8300kg. 8500kg. 11000/13000 13000/14000/15000

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