Hydraulic Thread & Form Rolling Machine

Model : TR Series
Hydraulic Thread & Form Rolling Machine

Hydraulic Thread Rolling Machine - Supplier, Manufacturer & Exporter in India

Our hydraulic thread and form rolling equipment is one of the professional ranges of machining device that has been designed to provide optimum support for industries. It has been made from superior range of raw materials and graded components that makes it a versatile apparatus for long usage. It is applicable in diverse industries and remains a compatible device to perform multiple machining works. It is provided with low pressure hydraulic power support that provides low heat at the time of continuous performance. This machine requires minimum maintenance and is available in three different models with various tooling capacities. Find out the suitable one and experience good return on investment through this device.

Thread rolling is a chipless cold forming process. A plain cylindrical blank, with a diameter part way between the major and minor diameters of the finished thread, is rotated and squeezed between cylindrical type hardened steel dies whose working surface are the reverse of the thread form to be produced. The threads of the die penetrate the surface of the black as it rolls between them, displacing material to form the roots of the threads, and forcing the displayed material readily outward to form the crests. Unlike other threading process, no material is wasted.

Most threads are rolled by the in-feed method in which the entire thread length is formed simultaneously without axial movement of the part. Threads that is too long to be produced by the in-feed method can, however, be rolled by a thru feed method on these type of machine.

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