Shaping Machine (Deluxe Model)

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Shaping Machine (Deluxe Model)

Shaping Machine (Deluxe Model)

Bhavya Machine Tools offers various shaping machines in India, UAE and across the globe such as V belt driven shaping machine. The tool is primarily used for sculpting straight and flat metal surfaces. This is even useful for cutting steel, aluminum, ferrous and non-ferrous metals in different curves, angles and shapes. Our tools are produced using superior grade, well ribbed cast iron to ensure higher efficiency and stability.

We provide sturdy, safe and durable tool. These tools are resistant to corrosion and other adverse climatic conditions. It can be easily installed, operated and maintained. They are energy efficient and cost-effective. We supply several models of the tool with different configurations as per customer's requirements. These are applicable in many industries.

Shaping Machine Specifications

This is an interesting machining component which is applied to shape variety of work materials like metals both ferrous and non-ferrous. Not all work shop equipment would stay effective to obtain particular shape. Bhavya Machine Tools presents V –belt driven equipment that stays compatible to make different and complicated shapes like curves and angles. Our v-belt driven tools are made of corrosion resistance material. It can work on all climatic conditions and stays effective for long term application. We have designed this tool with several safety aspects considered therefore it is absolutely safe to work with and devoid of risks like in other devices. Pricing is another attractive reason at Bhavya Machine Tools as we offer workshop components at affordable price than other tool manufacturers and suppliers. We make tailored models with particular configurations to match the specific machining requirement. Our tools are applicable for wide range of industries. We offer the following models which includes

HS-18-V Belt Driven Shaping Machine

This model has the capacity to make different shapes up to 18 inches. The length of Ram Stoke is 457 mm and the Ram length is 960mm. This model is equipped with 457x305 working surface table. The range of ram speed is 4 and it can make 16,32,64,96 strokes per minute. Tool head feed is manual and power supply HP is 2(1.5) Kw. The overall equipment weighs about 1200kg. The whole apparatus is made of naturally seasons casting that makes it a reliable choice to apply even in adverse climatic conditions.

HS-24 V Belt Driven Shaping Machine and Specifications

This model holds the capacity of 24 inches and the length of Ram Stroke is 610 mm and length of Ram is 1232 mm. The working surface of table is 610x370 mm and the maximum travel in horizontal direction is 635 mm and through vertical direction is 380mm. Angular movement is about 60 mm towards left and 60 mm towards right. Similarly the maximum swivel of tool head is 60mm towards left and 60mm toward right and both features remain the same for all the models of v-belt driven machine. It can make 14,28,42,62 strokes per minute. It requires 2.25 kw power to function. This model is specially designed for more production requirement and precise requisites

HS-30 V - Belt Driven Shaping Machine

Equipped with 30” capacity of drilling the ram length is about 1410 mm and the Ram stroke is 762mm. Working surface of table is 762x390 mm. The working speed of this equipment is 960 rotations per minute. Length of width Ram bearing is 1020x330mm and diameter of clutch pulley is 311. The range of Ram speed is 4 which is similar in all models of v-belt driven equipment.

HS-36 Shaping Machine

This equipment's capacity is 36” and working surface of table is 915x457mm. The maximum table travel through horizontal and through vertical direction is 940mm and 525 mm respectively. It requires 5 kw of power supply. It is provisioned with quick return motion mechanism and this equipment is especially designed for precise shaping and deep cut. The screws and other steel parts are made of tested special alloy steel which gives it more strength and durability.

All Geared Shaping Machine (Model – HS 18) The All Geared Shaping Machine (Model – HS 18) is a heavy-duty one-piece machine body. It has a fine stroke handle for stroke adjustment in the machine. The Horizontal table travels automatically making the system efficient. The head of the machine can be rotated 60 degrees left and 60 degrees right to the machine. The shaping machine also has features like auto tool lifting & lubrication system and the speed of the machinery can be changed with the help of a lever. The swivel base of the machine is Heavy Duty and is an excellent choice for all kinds of heavy-duty works.

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