Universal Tool & Cutter Grinding Machine

Universal Tool & Cutter Grinding Machine

Functional Versatility:

The instrument basically designed for sharpening and recondition wide range of high speed and carbide tipped tolls as side & face milling cutters, cylindrical cutters, angle cutters, convex & concave cutters, gear hobs, end mills, shell mills reamers, drills, taps etc.


Wheel Head: It is of rigid construction and holds the spindle assembly. It can be fitted horizontally and swiveled vertically full 360 degree, for quick setting of compound angles. Wheel head is mounted on the rigid column, which can be raised/lowered up/down. Wheel head also can be adjusted 150 mm on cross direction.

Wheel Head Spindle:

Alloy steel hardened and ground spindle is mounted on precision preloaded radial ball bearings, which are greased packed. The grinding wheels can be mounted on both sides of the spindle and the wheels mount design is such that the spindle can be reversed.

Work Table:

This is mounted on the carriage and can be swiveled 45 degrees on either side of the column. This table has a smoother and rapid movement longitudinally on the carriage through a roller chain guided and supported in jibs. Slow movement is through a reduction gearbox. Change over from rapid to slow movement is through a push/pull knob. The precise movement on roller chain enables smooth, sensitive and accurate longitudinal movement even with heavy jobs. The adjustable reversing dogs on the work table are spring loaded for shockproof reversal of table.

Auxiliary Table:

This table is mounted on work table and in both horizontal and vertical planes. It can hold job up to 600 mm with the aid of raising blocks. It's spindle nose has ISO 50/MT 5 tapers and the spindle is mounted to taper roller bearings.

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