Cutting/Shearing Machine

Shearing Machine - Handheld Shearing Machine

Mechanical Shearing Machine (Over crank)

This device gives optimum performance for large scale metal sheets execution. This mechanical shearing device is tough constructed by our technocrats for high production, accurate cutting and efficient job execution with ease. We offer various models for different capacities and features.

Mechanical Shearing Machine (Under crank)- Handheld Shearing Machine

Widely used tool in sheet metal industry is bending device. Its available with hand operated, hydraulic and electrical system to achieve the desired bending. We offer variety of bending machines like hand operated trunk folding device, steel body fly press, handheld shearing machine, hand operated metal sheet bending device to carry out different industrial bending operations

Hydraulic Shearing Machine

Hydraulic shearing instrument gives the best performance over mechanical shearing tool. Hydraulic power used in cutting operation of this device caters extended level of cutting accuracy, performance and speed. The device is most convenient to operate and affordable for bulk metal processing work.

Difference Between The Types of Shearing Machines and How They Benefit

Shearing has the advantage of producing minimal or no kerf, with no loss or wastage of material. These provisions work it with softer metals. The overcrank and undercrank mechanical machines have been developed structural analysis technique for continuous production while the hydraulic shears that we deal with are heavy duty and of long term product life. Shearing machines are also categorized depending on the shape of their blade, linear or circular. The shearing machines are fast and accurate and make it easy to cut a lot of metal. Also, the shearing machines are usually compact and take up less space while being cost-effective. These machines ensure smooth cuts and cut up to 90 degrees. Our machines are designed with a wide variety to cater to sizes of metal.

Bhavya Machine Tools is a leading innovator of the machine tool industry, and over the years we have sent a variety of our Cutting/Shearing Machine to countries all over the world, including India, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Qatar, Dubai, Oman, Kuwait, Yemen, Bahrain, and others.

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