High Precision Pillar Drilling Machine

Model : BMT25, BMTL25, BMT25H
High Precision Pillar Drilling Machine

25 mm - High Precision Pillar Drilling Machine (Column Drilling Machine)

Pillar drills have special preference in industries when it comes to precise drilling. We present these tools in different models and different boring capacities to meet industrial machining standards. We provide 25mm high precision pillar drill machine for boring heavy duty work materials. Column Drilling machine provides good spindle speed for making hole heavy duty products. Considering the wider industrial requirements for boring and similar machining purposes our tool designers have included superior features while construction 25mm pillar bore. It stays one of the favourite boring equipments for several industries which require accurate making hole on heavy load materials.

Important Advantages of 25mm High Precision Pillar Drill Machine

  • Sturdy in construction.
  • Made for high reliable materials.
  • Robust in structure.
  • Accuracy in making hole heavy load or heavy duty materials like metals.
  • Suitable for heavy engineering and metal industries.
  • Less maintenance.
  • Comparatively lesser in price.

Apart from the above advantages we also make it sure that this produces consistent and flawless performance. Column Drilling Machine is suitable for long term productivity requirements. Above all the tool components are finished from imported devices.

Machine Components' Specifications

  • Column, work head, arm and gears are made from closed grain cast iron which is a sturdy material.
  • The main spindle and pinion are made for EN forged steel component.
  • The spindle ram is made of alloy steel.
  • The parts finish is provided on imported grinding device.
  • The moving parts of high precision bore device are finished to close tolerance.
  • We make sure that main gear and pulley are accurately balanced in advance to assembly.

BMT-25 is provided with MT-3 spindle nose and provided with 25mm boring capacity. The diameter is 90mm which is similar in all the three models. The spindle travel distance is 152mm which is considered to match production requirement. The spindle centre to surface is 228mm. Spindle speed is 96-2600 rotations per minute.

BMTL-25 is also capable of 25mm drilling capacity and featured with MT-3 spindle nose. The maximum spindle travel is 250mm and the spindle centre to surface is 250mm. It can make 96-2600 rotations per minute.

BMT-25H is capable of boring up to 25mm and it is equipped with 90mm diameter. It is featured with MR-3 spindle nose and the maximum spindle travel is 160mm. The surface to spindle centre distance is 381mm which remains perfect for making hole heavy duty materials. It can make 96-2600 rotations per minute.

Benefits of Mechanism


  • Suitable for long term and trouble free drilling applications.
  • Ideal for moderate to heavy duty boring.
  • Precise making hole results up to 25mm.
  • The cast iron gears support for stubborn making hole.
  • Bhavya Machine Tools play a significant role in supplying high precision machining components for industrial applications and out this is one among our hot selling workshop equipments.

All Parts Finished on Imported Machines


  • Closed grain Cast Iron Column, Arm, Work Head & Gears
  • EN Forged Steel Main Spindle & Pinion
  • Alloy Steel Spindle Ram
  • Parts Finished on Imported Grinding M/c.
  • All Moving parts Finished to Close Tolerance.
  • Parts properly balanced prior assembly. Main Gear & Pulley



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