CNC Milling Machine

CNC Machining Center - Slant Bed Turn Mill Centre, Drilling & Tapping, Horizontal Machining Centre

The available models for CNC Machining Center include DL – MH series and the TD Series for drilling and tapping centers. The CNC machines are able to guarantee long term reliability and efficiency through sturdy construction, high quality manufacturing material and automatic lubrication systems. The CNC machines are also equipped with automatic tool length setters that ensure allmeasurements during production are highly accurate and there is no material wastage. The machining centers are also equipped with programmable logic control systems as well as automatic memory system that avoid repeated calibrations when similar work pieces are being operated.  The equipment can also accommodate a wide variety of spindles required during the different operations.

Different CNC Machining Centers

The CNC machining centers helps in clamping the workpiece in the desired position to achieve precisely machined output. There can be different types of machining centers for a CNC machine, namely Horizontal machining center, Slant bed turn mill center, Drilling and tapping center, etc. The horizontal machining center helps the production rate to proliferate and gets its name due to the orientation of the spindle that aids the chips to fall away. On the other hand, slant bed turn mill center is especially designed for high speed turning of the components with minimum amount of torsional deformation.


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