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Drilling Machine - Drilling & Taping Machine

All types of Bhavya brands drilling machines includes pillar type, drilling & tapping machine, v-belt driven, all geared radial drill machine, drilling and milling, tapping machines from Manufacturer & Exporter in India.

Pillar Drilling Machine
High precision pillar boring tools are provided in 2 different hole making capacities of 13mm and 20mm. 20mm Awls are further offered with 75mm pillar diameter and 87mm pillar diameter. The equipment consisting closed grain, arm, work head and gears fabricated and finished on imported grinding machine. The tools are constructed for efficient work on various platforms.

High Precision Pillar Drilling Machine
We offer 3 types of pillar Awl for accurate work in drilling capacity of 25mm. The tool fabricated from alloy steel is used for fastening holes on sheet metals and other solid materials with comprehensive use in precision hole creation.

Pillar Drilling Machine 38mm
These 2 equipments are used for precision drilling with 38mm boring capacity on 106mm and 121mm pillar diameters. Our tools are reliable, durable and sturdy in economic price range for various workshops and industrial applications.

All Geared Pillar Drilling Machine
This is drilling machine with pillars. This tool is basically used for various kinds of drilling operations in different factories. Our machines are efficient in performing error free drilling as per the needs of the production. Low maintenance, superior quality, affordable price and easy operation are the top features of our products.

Pillar Drilling Machine 25mm
With 25 mm machine capacity we deliver the most efficient and durable drill machine to our clients. These BPRL25-BPS25 machines can be used in various industries where perfect drilling of different items is required. With MT 3 Spindle Nose the machine can offer easy and safe operation. The price is also reasonable.

Pillar Drilling Machine 40mm
The capacity of this drilling machine is 40mm. This is widely used in various factories where efficient and faster drilling operations are required. We deliver the best quality BPSL40-BPRL40 mm drilling machines with easy and flexible operational methods. They come with low maintenance features.

Manual Feed Drilling Machine
Our Manual Feed Drilling Machine are made of best quality materials. They are designed to offer optimum performance. The modern technology of our products ensures the fastest and easiest operations as per the needs of the industry. They come with a reasonable price tag.

Tapping Machine
The Tapping Machines including drilling and taping machine, we deliver are made of durable materials. They have various tapping capacities as per the specifications of individual models. They have some easy to operate and easy to maintain features. They are just perfect for error-free tapping.

Drilling & Tapping Machine (Model – Z5045)

A Drilling & Tapping Machine is an outstanding machine for different operations like Drilling, Tapping, and others. These operations are operated by the control panel provided on this pillar type structured machine. To provide users a friendly experience the machinery has head rotation at 3600 and can be adjusted at ± 900 perpendicularly and also has the facility of table rotation at 3600 & +- 900 at a perpendicular angle. The manual feed helps the user to manually adjust the feeding system and the fine feed can be adjusted as per the needs. The machine can run at any gear with the help of a speed change lever. The drilling and tapping machine come with various accessories like Boring bar, Milling holder, working lamp, Machine vice & Collet set for different operations.

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