All Geared Drilling and Milling Machine

Model : ADM
All Geared Drilling and Milling Machine
Particulars ADM 1228 ADM 1232A
Table Size 1200x280mm 1250x320mm
No / Size /Distance of Slot 3 /14mm /70mm 3 /14mm /70mm
Max. Load On Table 200kgs 200kgs
Longitudinal Table Travel (MAnual / Auto) 600mm 720mm
Cross Table Travel (Manual) 260mm 320mm
Vertical Table Travel (Manual) 300mm 280mm
Spindle Taper ISO40 ISO40
No./ Range of Spindle Speed - Vertical 8/90-2000rpm 8/90-2000rpm
No./ Range of Spindle Speed - Horizontal 12/40-1300rpm 12/40-1300rpm
Max.Driling Diameter 30mm 30mm
Max. End Milling Width 100mm 80mm
Max. Vertical Milling Dia 25mm 25mm
Max. Tapping Dia M16 M16
Quill Travel (Manual & Auto Both) 120mm 120mm
Swivel Angle of Headstock ±45° ±45°
Vertical Spindle Axis To Column Surface 200-700mm 220-550mm
Vertical Spindle Axis To Table Surface 110-410mm 90-370mm
Horizontal Spindle Axis To Table Surface 0-300mm 0-300mm
Longitudinal Feed 8/24-720mm Auto Feed 8/22-555mm Auto Feed
Cross Feed Manual 8/22-555mm Auto Feed
Vertical Feed Manual 1/560mm Auto Feed
Spindle Quill feed Manual + Auto Manual + Auto
Motor Power (Vertical + Horizontal Head) 2.2kw(Vertical)2.2kw(Horizontal) 2.2kw(Vertical)2.2kw(Horizontal)
Feed Motor Power (X & Y - Axis) - 0.75kw
Feed Motor Power (X - Axis) 0.37kw -
Feed Motor Power (Z - Axis) - 0.75kw
Coolant Motor 0.04kw 0.04kw
Overal Dimension 1660x1500x2220mm 1660x1500x2220mm
Machine Weight 1300/1400kgs 1660/1700kgs

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