Hydraulic Surface Grinding Machine : HSG12550


  • Grinding Capacity.:800 x 400 x 405mm
  • T-Slot: 18 x 3 mm x no
  • Spindle Speed :1450 r/min

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Salient Features:

  • Heavy Duty MAchine Structure & Table Movement Design
  • The accuracy of this machine is 0.005mm and it can meet the routine machining job requirement.
  • The worktable longitudinal movement is driven by the vane pump, so that to make the movement stable and fluently with low noise.
  • The wheel adopts the bearing bush structure, so that to handle duty machining job.
  • The machine get the hydraulic auto feed and manual feed in cross feed unit, which is very convenient for operation
  • The wheel head vertical movement is controlled manually, it also equips with the rapid elevating unit to improve the working efficiency.
  • The machine not only works stable and performance reliable, but also gets the advantages of low noise, accuracy stable nad easy operation.

Standard Accessories:

  • Diamond Dresser Base
  • Wheel Exactor
  • Balancing Stand & Arbor
  • Foundation Bolts And Wedges
  • Brush
  • Electic Magenetic Chunk
  • Toolkit
Model HSG12550
Size of Worktable (L x W x H) 1250 x 500mm
Longitudinal Movement of Worktable 1350mm
Distance from the spindle to worktable 680mm
Max. Cross travel of Grinding Head 550mm
Max. Vertical travel of Grinding Head 600mm
Vertical Movement of Grinding Head 0.01/1mm
Rapid Lifing Motor Power 0.37kW
Abrasive Wheel Dim(OD x ID x W) 400 x 127 x 40 mm
Speed of Grinding Wheel 1400rpm
Total Power of Motor 12kW
Power of Spindle Motor 7.5kW
Power of Oil Pump Motor 4kW
Processing Accuracy 0.015/1000 mm
Surface Roughness Ra:0.63um
Net/Gross Weight 5300/6000 kg.
Dimensions (L x W x H) 3800 x 2700 x 2800 mm