Hydraulic Surface Grinding Machine : HSG5025A+


  • Grinding Capacity.: 500x250x330mm
  • T-Slot: 12 X 1 mm x no
  • Spindle Speed :2850 r/min

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Hydraulic Surface Grinding Machine : HSG5025A+

Model No M7125A+
Grinding Capacity: LXWXH 500x250x330mm
Longitudinal table travel 520mm
Cross table travel 275mm
Max. Distance from the spindle centre
to the worktable surface 410mm
Safety load of bench (in max) 100 Kg
Table size 500 x 250mm
T-slot 12 X 1 mm x no.
Bench speed 3-23 m/min
Cross auto feed 0.02mm/div
Cross rapid feed
Cross handwheel
Grinding Wheel size( DXWXd) 200x16x32mm
Spindle Speed 2850 r/min
Max. Movement of Vertical mechanism 410mm
Vertical fine adjustment revolution 0.15mm
Vertical per fine adjustment graduation 0.002mm
Spindle motor 1.1 Kw
Overall dimensions: (LXWXH) 1550x1180x1840 mm