Drilling Cum Milling Machine – V-Belt/Box Geared Milling and Drilling M/C in India

The drilling cum milling equipment from Bhavya Machine Tools in India comes with several advantages to the user. These include ;

  • Excellent gantry design for greater functionality and performance by milling and drilling machine combine
  • May come in gantry or table design
  • Singular or multistage carriage design
  • Good pass between the columns for maximum usability
  • The milling cum drilling machine offers flexible machining which can integrate up to 5 axis milling head
  • Long term accuracy is guaranteed through sturdy and rigid framework that eliminates unwanted vibration.
  • Some of the milling and drilling both machines come with enhanced tool management system for easier tool changing, automated lubrication and very user friendly control system for smooth operation.

Drilling Cum Milling Machine Video