Bandsaw Butt Welding Machine

Model : BBW 325,..

Precision Welding:

Minute precision control is ensured by the use of latest control devices. The movable jaws run on precision ball type guides which reduce friction to almost nothing and ensure utmost welding accuracy.

Sturdy in construction, Butt Welder is so designed as to facilitate reliable and easy operation even by unskilled personnel. It is most suitable for industrial conditions and will give a long lasting dependable service. All the parts have been duly dimensioned; clearly arranged simple levers ensure easy operation even for unskilled workers. Clamping arrangements are by quick action clamps and the alignment is automatic and perfect which is so essential in modern production methods.

ModelBBW 325BBW 535BBW 631
Job Carbon Steel BladesCarbon Steel BladesBi-Metal Blades
Welding Range 3 - 25 mm6 - 37 mm12-31 mm
1/8" to 1"1/4" to 1 1/2"1/2
Capacity3KVA (Nominal)5KVA (Nominal)12KVA
Input Voltage230V 50 Cycles230V 50 Cycles2.0 400V 50 Cycles
Duty Cycle5%5%5%