CNC Drill Re-sharpener (XD3)

Model : XD3
  • CNC drill bit grinder MR-XD3 can grind nowadays complex high-tach quality drill bits, realized the bit reused.
  • MR-XD3 is a high performance CNC sharpener and grinder, by durable fiber-optic sensors to detect bit-related parameters, ensure that process completion of the grinding automatically.
  • LCD user's interface make is easy for ever operator to use, grinding the drill bit in several minutes. It can grind the various drill bit types by program setting.
  • This is an auto-equipment that automatically detect the drill bits diameter, length, thickness of point thinning, then sharpening drill bits automatically.
Grinding Range4)4-cJ)14
Point angle90° -145°
Power220V 50Hz 250W