CW-H Series – Extra Heavy Duty Lathe

Model : CW61160H,...
Main Specification
Max. Swing Over Bed1600mm1800mm2000mm
Max. Swing Diameter Over Support1230mm1290mm1630mm
Max. Turning Length2800/3800/4800/5800/800mm2800/3800/4800/5800/800mm2800/3800/4800/5800/800mm
Max. Weight of Work Piece8000Kg.8000Kg.8000Kg.
Admit Between Center3000/4000/5000/6000/8000mm3000/4000/5000/6000/8000mm3000/4000/5000/6000/8000mm
Width of Bed970mm970mm970mm
Head Stock
Spindle noseA2-15A2-15A2-15
Spindle bore130mm130mm130mm
Taper of Spindle boreMetric 140Metric 140Metric 140
No, of Spindle Speed21/12 - Speeds21/12-Speeds21/12-Speeds
Range of Spindle Speeds2.5-250rpm/3.8-312rpm2.5-250rpm/3.8-312 rpm2.5-250rpm/3.8-312rpm
Threads Feed
Range of inch thread1/4-28TPI1/4-28TPI1/4-28TPI
Range of metric threadl-120mml-120mml-120mm
Range of module Thread0.50-60MOD0.50-60MOD050-60MOD
Range of Di metrical pitch thread1/2-56DP1/2-56DP1/2-56DP
Feed Box Range - Vertical0.10-12.0mm0.10-12.0mm0.10-12.0mm
Feed Box Range - Horizontal0.05-6.0mm0.05-6.0mm0.05-6.0mm
Feed Box Range - Upper Blade Holder0.025-3.0mm0.025-3.0mm0.025-3.0mm
Range of Infeed0.032-6.0mm/rev.0.032-6.0mm/rev.0.032-6.0mm/rev.
Range of Feed On0.016-3.0mm/rev.0.016-3.0mm/rev.0.016-3.0mm/rev.
Rapid Traverse - Longitudinal3.8m/min.3.8m/min.3.8m/min.
Rapid Traverse - Cross1.8m/min.1.8m/min.1.8m/min.
Rapid Traverse - Tool Slide0.9m/min.0.9m/min.0.9m/min.
Max. Travel of Cross Slide850mm950mm1050mm
Max. Travel of Top Slide300mm300mm300mm
Tool Shank Size45x45mm45x45mm45x45mm
Taper of tailstock quillMetric 80Metric 80Metric 80
Travel of tailstock quill300mm300 mm300mm
diameter of tailstock quill180mm180 mm180mm
Power of Main Motor30kW30kW30kW
Power of Rapid Traverse Motor1.5HP1.5HP13HP
Power of Coo la nt Motor0.125HP0.125 HP0.125HP
Weight & Dimensions
Net weight: 3000mm13300Kg.13800Kg.14300Kg.
8000mm20300Kg.20800 Kg.21300Kg.
Dimensions (L x W x H ): 3000mm5950x2140x2250mm5950x2240x2350mm5950x2340x2450mm

Standard Accessories :

  • 3-Jaw Chuck
  • Heavy Duty Dog
  • ChuckSteady Rest
  • Follow Rest
  • Revolving Centre
  • Centre Sleeve
  • Tool Set
  • Foundation Bolt
  • Instruction Manual

CW- H- Series has five models of extra heavy duty lathes consisting 21/12 no of spindle speed. This heavy duty lathe has 3 Jaw Chuck that holds an object having radial symmetry. Three- jaw chucks, used to hold bits in power drills, commonly used equipment for metal working lathes.